What makes a great Real Estate Agent?

Many people mistakenly think that a good salesperson is someone who’s a really good talker, but in actual fact, it’s someone who can actually listen and is a very good negotiator.

Both buyers and sellers desire the same things in a real estate agent, constant feedback, professionalism, integrity, honesty and competence. An agent must have excellent communication skills and have the ability to have empathy when dealing with the seller.

It’s very important that they understand what the seller’s going through, through their experience, and the agent’s past history. They respond to phone calls and emails effectively and they deal with the buyer’s needs and wants when they’re looking at buying a property. As long as your agent delivers you the best possible market price and terms, they’ve done their job. It’s very important to acknowledge that the agent is responsible to deliver the news about the market.

They’re not responsible for it. The kindest thing a real estate agent can do for a buyer is to tell the buyer if they are being unreasonable with the offer that they’re putting forward. A low offer can sometimes upset an owner, but it’s very important the agent’s able to communicate with the buyer and the seller a realistic sale price for the property. Sometimes things can go wrong, such as the buyer withdrawing or a bad building or pest report.

It’s critical that the agent give you the best feedback and information so you can make the right decision to move forward. If you’re looking at selecting an agent to sell your property in the near future, please contact Dignam Real Estate and we can certainly help you and steer you in the right direction.

Posted on 23 Nov, 2019